The Tuareq sitting belt relaxes legs and back when you sit on the ground.

Sitting on the ground in the cool breeze of a nomad tent we found basic comfort.
‘The sun was at its zenith in the Rub al Khali desert when we stopped for lunch. Sitting down a soft breeze brought coolness from under the opened tent slips. As she saw some of us struggle to be comfortable on the ground, the old nomad woman approached. In her hands she held some sort of slings, made of a strong fabric. As she showed us how to wrap the slings around us, our backs found instant relief’

My great grandfather was an explorer. He mapped parts of Africa in the name of Italy. Grandpa was an inventor and adventurer. He crossed the Suez channel with a military frigate to dive for pearls in the Dead see. He invented applications to make clean energy with the use of water currents. I travelled to many places in search for happiness. Each of these places, India, Yemen, Peru or Hawaii opened paths of inner growth.

In Yemen I visited the grave of a Sufi. A vision showed this was my own grave and that my ‘heart’ would be restored from there on. This path has led me to become more of who I am today. I see life as opportunities arranged by Higher forces to grow to full consciousness.