“As she showed us how to wrap the slings around us, our backs found instant relief”

With this in mind I developed the Tuareq for sitting comfort and more. The Tuareq is strong with an attractive design. The comfortable broadness and the way it firmly wraps you up causes relief not only in the back and legs, but also in the head.

As it is adjustable in the sizes L, M, and S the Tuareq can fit almost anyone. When none of these sizes apply to you please contact us and we will make one especially for you.

Our products are made in two special workshops. At Zoethout in Hattem people with a distance to the work floor have carefully worked under guidance to realize this beautifully handmade product. In Groningen we work with Mooie Boel 050, a partnership of women from different Arabic cultures. With a fund from Cordaid they have been able to setup business in a vacant property where our products are made.

How to use
The Velcro fastening allows you to adjust the Tuareq easily to fit your size.

A tool for active sitting
1)Hang the Tuareq around the shoulders. 2) Sit down with your knees pulled up and lay the Tuareq around the knees. 3) As you move the Tuareq down your back see to it the Tuareq remains tense by opening your knees. 4) When you come to sit legs crossed the Tuareq will be around your ankles, fully supporting your lower back.

Our back is constantly under tension. Wherever she is fully supported, the tension is released instantly. Play with the Tuareq, each time finding new positions that produce relief. In this way the Tuareq becomes a tool for active sitting, while your back enjoys a continuous massage.